Great start to the Hollyford Conservation Project

Sep 11, 2014Latest news

A fantastic start to our project: DoC has confirmed that the lower Hollyford – from the Kaipo River through to Big Bay, a total of 19,617 hectares – will be included in their Battle for our Birds predator control campaign.

This will result in significant control of all introduced predators – possums, rats and stoats – across the entire area, providing a massive initial “knock down” of pests throughout the trust’s focus area and buffer zones.

“This is a significant first step in our ecological restoration project,” says trust Chairman Ron Anderson. “We couldn’t have asked for a better start. We’re enormously grateful to all at the Department of Conservation who have recognised the merits of our project and are offering such significant support.”

The Hollyford Conservation Trust has embarked on a massive fund raising effort and we’re well on our way to begin ground operations this summer, maximizing the impact from the 1080 control. “We’ve been amazed at the response from the general public,” says Anderson. “Anyone who visits the area is touched by the magic of the place and simply wants to help. The response by individuals, businesses and all stakeholders has been humbling. Our vision is for twenty plus years into the future. And we’ve made a terrific start.”

Note: DoC will hand lay 1080 on all private land, providing a 150 metre buffer around all dwellings and water sources.  For any further information on Battle for our Birds and the proposed aerial 1080 treatment see or DoC Visitor Centre Te Anau. The department plans to begin operations, weather permitting, mid September.


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